Bend In the River #2 By Colin Herforth


Original framed Pastel by Colin Herforth

Part of  “Autumn Impressions”  2013 series.

pastel 18 x 23 inches, framed 23.5 x 29.5 inches



Bend In the River #2


Artist statement by Colin Herforth on AUTUMN IMPRESSIONS: Water/Forest

The event of my father’s passing in May of this year brought about some un-foreseen, but I expect in hindsight, fairly predictable changes in me.  Finally orphaned, at 58 years, brings about some opportunity for reflection on mortality and how one has done so far in this trudge we know of as life.  Lots of regrets over lost time and wasted years accompanied my grief during this summer and into our wet-lush autumn.

My father gave me the gift of music and encouraged my artistic impulse.  I was a bit tardy in acknowledging and fully embracing those gifts.  I most deeply and humbly acknowledge my father, and what he tried to provide for me.  I got lost in the skewed delivery-  instead of realizing the magnitude of the gift.

So after a recent 21 day cleanse, prompted by my most excellent and devoted wife; I opened myself to a visitation of the muse…There is no making up for lost time; but in the flush of inspiration I received as a result of “detoxing”, I have found a new excitement and passion in the stroking of soft pastels on surface.  This creative impulse seems for me to clearly validate my efforts to continue pursuing the artistic path.   I see our profoundly spectacular environment with new eyes and subject matter appears everywhere I turn.   I’m happy with my new body of work; I think it’s the best I have to show- so far.

  I hope that you enjoy my efforts, and see a bit of the love I feel for our magical sodden forests.

Colin Herforth

Box 2728